Bill Pekny is an interesting and engaging speaker who enjoys presenting to audiences of all ages and levels of expertise. While he tailors keynote speeches for each of his audiences, here are some of the topics Bill often focuses on. 

The Most Important Things You Should Know about Climate Change

Historical Records Are Important Evidence of Normal, Stable, and Cyclic Climate Change

Common Myths about Climate Change

  • 97% of Scientists Believe Humans Are Causing Catastrophic Climate Change
  • Increasing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Drives Global Warming
  • We Only Have 10 Years Left
  • Wildfires Are Increasing
  • Storms Are Worsening

Why Civil Conversations about the Climate Are Necessary for Finding the Best Solutions

High Impact Ways to Fight Pollution We Can All Get Behind

Putting Our Money Where It Really Matters: The Climate Investments that Will Make the Biggest Impact on Our Planet

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom: Five Ways the Natural World Is Improving

  • The Earth Is Greening
  • Carbon Dioxide in the Air is Steadily Increasing
  • Crop Yields Continue to Break Records
  • Poverty Is Decreasing
  • Human Suffering Is Decreasing (Cold Kills Way More People Than Heat)

With over fifty years of experience working in the fields of science and aerospace, Bill is uniquely positioned to address the environmental issues of our time and share powerful insights on making positive change. 

To contact Bill for a speaking engagement, please email bill@twoclimates.org; or phone (435) 315-8127.