About The Book

The Importance of a Conversation on Climate Change

Many, many factors drive our climate. Unfortunately, too few of them are ever discussed when the topic or term “climate change” comes up in the media or otherwise.

For far too long, we’ve been bombarded with dire predictions of catastrophic climate change. None of those predictions have come true—nor will they.

Our climate is not an apocalyptic problem that needs fixing. Rather, it is a solution looking for a problem. Our climate is and always has been changing. Currently, Earth’s climate is warming slightly, warming naturally, and warming beneficially. Additionally, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is rising at a steady and beneficial rate. But, rising temperature leads (drives) rising CO2 by anywhere from 1 to 800 years. So, changing CO2 is an effect of changing temperature, not the cause of it.

There are numerous and popular catastrophic climate change “hypotheses” (aka supposed “scientific consensus”) and computer “models” out there. But, they are not supported by validated, reproducible, real-world observations and evidence, in accordance with the time-honored scientific method.

There is also a huge amount of objective “real science” out there that is not being brought into public awareness. Why? Because it doesn’t fit the more popular, catastrophic agenda-of-the-day. And, many “real scientists” fear for their careers if they dare to challenge unsubstantiated consensus/groupthink.

As a first step toward fixing this gaping hole, we need to properly define terms like “weather,” “climate,” “pollution,” and the “Greenhouse Effect,” and stop using them interchangeably and incorrectly. We also need to look into the rearview mirror of recorded climate history to better understand what’s happening with climate today, and quit blaming near-term weather events on long-term climate trends.

Most importantly, we need to recognize that the sun, water, gravity, and the inertia of our spinning planet, control our climate—not humans or their carbon dioxide.

My hope is to share this climate (and pollution) message in an accurate, understandable, and interesting manner, so that anyone in general can better understand how and why our climate works the way it does.

Then, we can have more productive, evidence-based, “real science” discussions that hopefully lead to sound, affordable public policy.

So, I’m trying to fill a knowledge gap, such that people can see the big picture, the whole picture, not just part of it. I hope that everyone will gain and enjoy a greater appreciation of our incredible Earth-Atmosphere System and its miraculous ability to nourish all life on this planet. I want everyone to understand that our unique climate changes in complicated, yet controlled and wondrous ways. Our climate has always changed and is always changing. All of us, and especially impressionable children, need to know that they do not need to be afraid of climate change (aka global warming).

Study it. Respect it. Adapt to it. And most important of all—enjoy our amazing, normal, and ever-changing climate.

A Tale of Two Climates: One Real, One Imaginary is my gift of hope to the world.

Below are a few preview excerpts from A Tale of Two Climates: One Real, One Imaginary.